On a fabulous Christchurch day in 2002 I imagined into being Cosi Fan Tutte .

While sitting in my favourite cafe I spotted across the road a ‘to rent ‘sign on the window of a cute wee corner store. My heart leapt and I followed it and created the first Cosi: a store full of everything I love. 

Imagery, designing, creating, buying, travelling, France, flowers: MY PASSIONS!

I have spent most of my lifetime being self employed and my most favourite passion is Photography. Before starting up Cosi, I photographed images and made cards and candles in my business Bliss Art. Recently I have found inspiration from my flower garden and I’ve been making cards and candles again, as well as bees wax wraps under the name The Potagers Green House which are presently all sold exclusively in Cosi fan Tutte Devonport.

Cosi loves to celebrate talented Artisans and Creatives from around the world. We are constantly sourcing the Unique and Beautiful.

Cosi Fan Tutte has a strong French and vintage influence, it is a creative layered space that is ever changing and inviting . 

A lovely customers description of Cosi was:

“When you enter you feel like its wrapping you in its arms and you’re in a store from days gone by”

Gift wrapping is a passion and no expense is spared to make every purchase a gift you will love to give.

Everyone who works within Cosi does so with absolute love and care of our customers. We endeavour to create a wonderful shopping experience for everyone who enters this haven. 

My philosophy:

“Let the beauty you love

be what you do” 

-Kahil Gibran

Andrea stagg

Owner and Creator 

Cosi Fan Tutte, North Island 

South Island Cosi Fan Tutte sold in 2017